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    Your finance is our business, we help working people become financially stable even if they have tough economic realities

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    We offer resources in the form of trainings, webinars and short courses. In addition we train and assist small businesses owners start their business and make them profitable.

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Welcome to Empower Your Money

Where you learn how to make your money work for you. You are embarking on a financial journey that will change the way you work and live. You will learn strategies to improve your earning potential and together in a community of financially savvy individuals, you will shift your position from barely making it, to thriving financially and leaving an inheritance for your Children.

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    Every Wealth creation journey starts with setting goals, Empower Your Money works with you to set realistic financial goals

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    Empower Your Money fosters a community of like minded people who encourage one another along the journey. co

  • Debt Management

    Empower Your Money guides you in managing your debt portfolio, putting you on the path to investments.

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    This is the destination you desire, to grow wealth is to invest.

Your Personal Finance and Wealth Guide

Soboma Wokoma

Soboma Wokoma is a business owner, chief operations officer of a fast growing online business, and finance strategist. He has an innate ability to grow wealth and businesses. He applies his finance principles in managing finances for businesses and a non profit. He is a trained Medical physicist and an economics enthusiast. He is the founder of EmpowerYourMoney.

Personal Finance 101

This course offers you the best concentration of practical financial and wealth creation strategies in a concise manner with access to FAQs and community participation for real time answers to your questions.

  • Money And The Mind

    Understand the psychology of money, why you spend the way you do, then correct faulty patterns with practical tips.

  • Money And The Heart

    Your heart is your seat of your convictions, where other factors above or stronger than your intellect reside and affect you. Empower Your Money works you through time tested wealth principles to help you shape your heart posture for wealth.

  • Manage Your Debt Portfolio

    This course will teach you strategies to manage your debt better and create wealth for yourself and your posterity. Times are changing, Your perspective and management of debt should take an holistic view of your present economic realities, the economy, business trends and the laws of the nation itself.

  • Credit Management

    Why is credit so important in our economy, companies use it to decide whether or not they want to lend you money to buy a house or car. It also affects what interest rates you get. Empower Your Money works with you to improve your credit profile, placing you at an advantage in your wealth building journey.

  • Budgeting

    Budgeting is probably the foundation of every practical financial education. It is like the ABC’s of finance. You can spell any letter if you don’t understand the alphabets a language, so is budgeting.

About Me

I have applied my creative financial strategies in my personal finances, starting from very little to a thriving basis. I have helped everyday people navigate through shoe string budgets to create savings, investments and better opportunities for life.

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  • The journey to financial stability and wealth generation starts with a working budget and a creative spending strategy. If you have not been successful with your budgets in the past, our strategic personal finance plan is what you need.

  • Strategic budgeting is the creative management of available resources to make ends meet and grow wealth.

  • Our Goal is to put the power in your hands to engage your life to the fullest.
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